What in the Sam Hill is Craic on the Grand?

Craic (pronounced crack) is a great Irish word. Definitions vary, but typically it is agreed that when the craic is good, there will be great, raging, entertaining, wide ranging, spontaneous conversations about everything that life throws at you.

Craic on the Grand is a blog about those conversations: innovative ideas, businesses and organizations that are worth talking and debating about. It is about interesting people. The ones trying to a make a difference in their communities and don’t mind sharing their time and talent with others. It’s about the big, little, humorous, ironic and off-kilter things that are worth discussing with friends over hot coffee or a cold beer.

Craic on the Grand will feature the observations of craic correspondents who chose to live, work, and play in west Michigan. There will be no press releases, no corporate propaganda, no spin.

Craic on the Grand is ultimately just our opinion and if you don’t agree with us, that’s OK. There is always another time and another round.


2 responses to “What in the Sam Hill is Craic on the Grand?

  1. Your Blog layout is Whack?
    Is it broke or you like it like this?

    Editors note: we fixed it and ZuDfunck gave it his seal of approval. Customer service is our maiden name.

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