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How Sweet the Sound

Just for the record, Grand Rapids is home to a national treasure:  WYCE- 88.1, THE community radio station. Proudly eclectic, this little station provides a platform for local musicians to be heard internationally and international artists to be heard locally.


I have the great fortune to be a new music reviewer for WYCE, and last summer I was turned on to a great singer-songwriter from California by the name of Anna Laube. After posting the review on my blog, I soon began a correspondence with Anna via Facebook and Twitter. When Anna released her new CD this month, Pool All the Love- Pool All The Knowledge, she sent me an advanced copy to check out.


Maybe it is great marketing or just perfect timing, but this CD is like the beginning days of spring.  Fresh and optimistic.  After a dreary Michigan winter;  the snow melts, the sun begins to shine and everything begins hopping a bit more.   Pool All the Love-Pool All The Knowledge is that “first few days of spring”, a sensational follow-up to Outta My Head. In my first review, I compared her to a young Bonnie Raitt.  Other reviewers touched on a Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton sound to Anna’s recordings.   A little country, a little folk but a voice all her own.  A few tracks to check out from her new CD;  This Moment with Me and Hippie Boyfriend have the alt-country thing going on.  Blue Angel is more of a traditional country sound but with a real contemporary feel to it.  The entire CD is worth a download.

If you are ready for spring and looking for a new, fresh sound to add to your playlist, check out Anna Laube’s Pool All the Love-Pool All The Knowledge.  It certainly has the Craic on the Grand seal of approval! It doesn’t get any better than that!



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