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Twitter and Tacos

Someone once told me that strange obsessions come in threes…

First, I was watching a video on Ted.  Evan Williams used a taco truck as an example of one of the “unexpected uses of Twitter”.  Apparently this vendor frequently tweeted it’s location and drew lines of customers that “wrapped around the block”. What the heck?  This was on Ted?  Some of the smartest people on the planet listening about taco trucks using Twitter?

Second, a few days later, I stumbled on a lone Grand Rapids tweet on Twitter’ “where is a taco truck when I need one?” . What the heck?  In Grand Rapids?

Third, a week later. Guy Kawasaki forwarded an article on Twitter about a  high tech L.A. Taco Truck service. Guy Kawasaki?  The original Apple evangelist, author, speaker, blogger? What the heck?

That was it.  Time to Google.  I had to learn enough to be dangerous. So with just a little research, it became obvious that taco trucks are an interesting business.  Just not in Grand Rapids.


Here is a taco truck from L.A.  Kind of cool and a little bit dangerous.


(Hey L.A., if you don’t want them, send them our way!)

Denver taco trucks had a little less enthusiastic following: (click on the link to read the sordid details)


In Seattle, there was a taco truck blog, but the last entry was in 2006.  Apparently there was a healthy taco truck culture there at one time.

Things looked brighter in Sacramento.  Yum Taco Truck’s Blog. This site includes a Google map that helps you locate the trucks.

Here is a link to a reporter’s “month long taco eating oddyssey in Oakland”


My obsessions go as quickly as they come and my research is over.

As much as I love tacos (eating and making them) I don’t think I will ever be Grand Rapids pioneering twittering taco truck entrepreneur, I’ll just settle for the t-shirt:

Carne Asada is not a Crime!




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