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A Local Stimulus Package

Three essential products, nine great businesses.  Support the local economy and say NO to the recession.

The Trifecta of Carne

Real life butchers (as opposed to meat wrappers and trimmers) providing special cuts, handmade sausages, properly aged meats and great service.  Research will show that a family that grills together will stay together.


My personal favorite. Great selection and service. Their top sirloin steaks are the best grilling value on the market.  Get your whole meal here too: appetizers, meat, potatoes, veggies, fruits and beverages.

Van Balls

A neighborhood favorite and the supplier of my award winning brisket in 2007. These guys are so old school, they don’t have website! (maybe they should?)



Never been there but this business comes highly recommended. Plus their competition team (The Smokin’ Scotsmen) has kicked my butt several times.


Tres Cappuccinos

Inconsistent barristas make this a hard category to handicap.  However, I am not here to waffle.  Here are my selections for the best in the area:

It’s a Grind

It’s a decent “Una tazza di Beppe”. Service is friendly,  A convenient drive through.


The only place that knows exactly what I mean when I order one “wet” (the others are a 50/50 shot, depends on who is working!)

Red Ball Jet Cafe

A Gilmore Group establishment. A bit inconsistent in making the exact same cup each time, still a good, hot beverage to pick up and be on the way.

The Three Kings of Craft Beer

The undisputed leaders in the clubhouse.  Three breweries that literally have “been there and done that”.

Founder’s Brewery

An award winning brewery with award winning philosophies. (also the original and first crazy, deranged fools) Thanks Hugh!

New Holland


Not only craft beers, but craft spirits I can vouch for the Amber Rum. Very good, with a lot depth but not too sweet.

Bell’s Brewery

This is low hanging fruit. Too easy. A pioneer! Creator of Oberon! Not exactly Grand Rapids, but Kalamazoo is a kissing cousin.

Who did I miss?  Let me know so I pay my respects!



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