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Killer Mantra

“You walk in our door with a problem and walk out with a solution”.

That pretty much sums up Rylee’s Ace Hardware.

Guy Kawasaki would of been proud with it’s simplicity.


Our entrepreneurship class had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with their VP of Operations, Matt Jamrog and learning about several facets of operating a very successful business, in a very competitive industry over a long period of time.  The Rylee’s story is incredible and any long time Grand Rapids resident probably has been a Rylee’s customer at some point in their life.  Equally cool is the fact that they are so successful, that they are expanding…and staying local.  Moving to a new site, just east of their present location, Rylee’s will almost triple in size and offer the same quality of products and services for their loyal customers and for the new generation of city residents who are chosing to make the many Grand Rapids neighborhood’s home.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

Of everything that Matt discussed with our class, this stuck in my mind.

“You walk in our door with a problem and walk out with a solution”.

That very night my class was meeting with Matt, my 12 year old son, Jack,  was working (unsuccessfully) on his third version of a homemade slingshot and was in need of a “giant rubber band” (this is spring break, and obviously he had too much time on his hands). After failing to braid/wrap/twist multiple regular rubber bands together for a workable slingshot, he decided to call Lowes. “Do you have any big rubber bands?” Can you imagine calling Lowes and asking someone for “giant rubber bands”? I dare you.

That night, Jack told me his story about his futile search for giant rubber bands and I said, “man, you should of called of me.  I was just at the place you could of found them.  Rylee’s Hardware.  The have everything!”

“Right Dad. Sure.  Lowes doesn’t have them.  No one does.”

So I told him the story.  “You walk in the doors with a problem……….”

He still didn’t believe me. Even Friday morning, when I was driving him south on Diamond Ave, “where are you taking me??? I don’t think this place will have what I need”

Ye of Little Faith

We walked in the door, and were immediatley greeted with a “how can I assist you?”.

“We need giant rubber bands. For a homemade slingshot.”

Without pausing a beat “Aisle 10, someone will be there to assist you”


This was the ultimate win-win scenario Problem solved quickly, no suburban sprawl/driving/parking and most importantly,  Dad is right again.

“You walk in our door with a problem and walk out with a solution”.


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