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3 Sure Fire Ways to Become More Awesome!

  1. Become Laura Bergells.
  2. If your scheme to achieve #1 fails, then Become Laura’s new BFF.
  3. If #2 fails or seems too hard, then find out when she is presenting in your area and go.  Soak up her awesomeness by proximity.

I had the chance to do #3 today and left the room feeling way more awesome than when I went in.  How many of us need to make presentations and dread it?  How many of us have sat through terrible presentations where the speaker gets up there and reads slides to us in a monotone?

All Laura wants is for your presentations to rock.  Her presentation in my Senior Entrepreneurship class today was about how to take your presentations (in our case for a business plan competition) from the 1980s to the 2009s. As she mentioned the techniques that were from the 80s that people still employ today, I kept thinking back to my own presentations.  How many of us have bullet points with key sentences from the speech we’ve memorized on the screen?  How many of us use cheesy clip art and crazy fonts to jazz up our slides?

Her challenge to us:  Try to make an entire presentation with NO BULLET POINTS.  Sounds crazy right?  The key point she made was that simplicity is the name of the game in 2009.  People can’t process what they are seeing and what they are hearing at the same time.  So try to keep your slide to a few key words and a few pictures (NOT CLIP ART) that get your point across quickly.

Want to learn more about how to make more dynamic presentations?  Visit her blog: http://www.maniactive.com/

Just another craicadelicious insight into the people that make Grand Rapids rock!



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