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The Ghost of Meijer’s


I have a “ghost story” I tell my three year old about a hapless soul who never made it out of the old Plainfield Meijer before they tore it down (I know it’s kind of weird, but for some reason, my daughter became fixated with the tearing down of the old Meijer and the building of a ‘new’ Meijer next door. The story grew out of the constant questions coming from the backseat about what happened to Meijers? The food? The yogurt? The people? Combine those dynamics with her not finding her favorite yogurt in the new store, and you have the genesis of this ghost tale)

The story goes that this women was looking for a particular brand of drinkable yogurt but couldn’t get anyone at the store to help her out. She kept searching, searching, searching. Day after day…until the building came down. Now, on quiet nights, you can still hear the cries of “where is the drinkable yogurt? Can anyone help me?”

Truth or Fiction?

I can’t say for sure. I do know that getting someone to help you locate something at Meijer’s can seem like a herculean task. It’s not just Meijer’s either. The Ghost of Good Customer Service haunts many businesses. I was thinking about this reflecting back on my Martha’s Vineyard experience. What a difference a little positive vibe makes.

I guess it is harder than it seems….right?   A little service with a smile.  Being a “proactive” with customers.  Maybe the Meijer greeters need to be throughout the store, instead of when you walk in.   I can find the shopping carts…it’s that other stuff!


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