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Crazy and Deranged in Cannonsburg


“We are an International Pub in an Irish Community under Polish Management. Be Patient”

If that tagline isn’t enough to convince you that there are crazy, deranged and foolish things going on in Cannonsburg, then take a few minutes and read the latest edition of the Cannonsburg Chronicles and get the back story on the famous Honey Creek Inn.

For those with only a little time, here is the gist of the story: a Polish social worker, with no experience running a bar, decides he has had enough of social services and in the middle of the great recession of the 1980’s, buys an old bar, in the middle of nowhere and christens it the  Honey Creek Inn.  Soon this historic village is also home to the Grist Mill, and Cannonsburg Market , and Don Kurylowicz, the Grand Rapids West Catholic graduate, entrepreneur and  Village CEO has created one of the most unique four corners in West Michigan.

Don once told me that he never ventures out of the four corners of Cannonsburg.  “Why should I?  It’s got everything a person needs!” If you haven’t been there, it’s worth the trip.  I guarantee you; the craic is good!

Don Kurylowicz and Cannonsburg.  One of the nominations for the Grand Rapids CDF Hall of Fame.


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