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Happy Hour Alert

Red Ball Jet.  A great addition to NE Grand Rapids has a superb happy hour.  From 2:00- 6:00, their $1.99 happy hour is special. Especially for families with young kids!  Think about it. I took my three kids (4, 11, 12) and had three pizzas, two sliders, a couple of root beers, one kiddie cocktail and two Sundogs for under $30.00.

Think about it again.  Go to Wendy’s or McDonalds.  Feed four people.  Have a decent ambience.  Give the adult a little love.  Can you do that for under $30.???

Here are several craic-worthy attributes:

  • $1.99 pizza and sliders, draft beer, sangria and cosmos. Seven days a week. I had their Buffalo Chicken sliders, and it is without a doubt, one of the finest sliders that ever slid down my gullet.
  • A very small but high quality draft beer selection (Bells and New Holland)
  • An outdoor covered patio. Just off of Plainfield.  A bit loud, but hey, it’s NE Grand Rapids.  We are trying!
  • Gilmore Collection quality and local touch.

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Bar Divani

Hello there, Valerie here. Last night, the girls and I went to Bar Divani, to catch up and take advantage of their happy hour specials. With the way the weather in Grand Rapids has been hitting us, we all agreed that going out early and then hanging out at home playing cards was a safer plan. I follow GR_food_police on twitter and they mentioned that the happy hour at Bar Divani was a good deal, so we met there.

If by deal they really meant to say steal, then they weren’t kidding. $2 for a plate of focaccia with warm dipping oil?? $6 for baked goat cheese with warm crostini! $6 for spicy tuna! And that was only some of the amazing food. Then there were $6 martinis, the one I got was champagne, peach schnapps and something else. But wait there is more, $2 off glasses of wine! My bill at the end of the night was $30 for two martinis, sushi, 1/2 of a pommes frites order, orange chicken, and 1/2 a bread pudding (don’t judge… I like food and shared with everyone). I know the next thing you are thinking, “Wow that IS cheap, but I bet you get what you pay for. It probably wasn’t that good.” Not at all, everything was really high quality. The Chef really knows what he’s doing back there.

Apart from the food and drinks, the atmosphere is also really nice. Warm mood lighting, exposed wine racks for viewing their selection, nice chairs, and two separate sitting rooms. Not once did I feel like we had to yell to each other (I have a relatively soft speaking voice and was able to talk at my normal level). Another problem that I have with a lot of places with bars is that they get smoky, but not at Bar Divani. There was even a woman sitting directly behind me smoking and I only smelled it when she first lit her cigarette, after that the smell was whisked away by some invisible force.

I know it sounds like I am puffing it up to be this amazing place, but really, I just had a great time and definitely recommend it.

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