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10 Drinks GVSU Student Should Avoid

Everyday I see students walking around campus with beverages in their hands that they think make them look “cool”. What these students don’t know is what types of ingredients are in them and how bad they are for their bodies. These students that walk around with these beverages are crazy for drinking these drinks and not caring what enters their body.

10. Starbucks Frappuccino

9. Non Organic Milk

8. Java City Caramel Javalanche

7. Freshens Smoothie Company- Pina Collider

6. Diet Pepsi/Coke

5.  Mountain Dew

4. G or Gatorade

3. Rock Star

2. Monster

1. Red Bull

Fun/Not So Fun Fact: The ingredients in the top 3 drinks have been linked to several deaths, and have been banned in many countries around the world.


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