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It’s About Character

Any great city I have visited had at least one thing in common; memorable and funky neighborhoods.  Malls and suburban sprawl; forgettable. Specialty boutiques, independently owned restaurants and pubs, art galleries, parks, events; memorable.

Last week I took a few students to the Green Life Market, to attend an open house coordinated with Neighborhood Ventures.


This little store on East Fulton has been in business for over a year, and was inspired by similar neighborhood markets in Chicago. One of the craic correspondents that attended the event  is a self proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. As a veteran of shopping at similar stores, primarily in Lansing, Matt was very impressed with the selection, brands and pricing. Although I am certainly not an expert in “healthy living”, I was impressed with some of the local product selections, including Creswick Farms meats and Moo-Ville dairy (milk and ice cream.)


Part of the event was also a pitch by Neighborhood Ventures staff to “get involved”. I don’t need any convincing on the importance of strong, vibrant neighborhoods. The character that independently owned and operated stores can bring to a community is off the chart. But it ain’t easy.


One of the objectives of Craic on the Grand is to recognize the cool neighborhood businesses and individuals that are trying to create little oasises of character.

Check out the Green Life Market when you are on East Fulton.  If those particular products are not your thing, you can always take a short walk and buy yourself a fresh stogie at Buffalo Tobacco Traders!  One stop shopping!

The “yin and yang” of neighborhood character!


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