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A Bucket List on a Budget

Another casualty of the recession. “Bucket Lists”.

Until the economy recovers, I am redoing my bucket list, focusing on some lower hanging fruit. Temporarily off; Roots on the Rail Polar Bear Train, Traveling with Anthony Bourdain to Singapore, a birding excursion to Arkansas to spot the Ivory Billed Woodpecker,



My new bucket list:

A Visit to the Cheese Lady

My brother-in-law, “Uncle Joe”, brought some Valdeon Blue to Thanksgiving last year. Said he bought it from the “Cheese Lady” in Muskegon. It was the most pungent, briniest, stinkiest and delicious cheese I have ever tried. Here is the official description:

Valdeon Blue
Valdeón is a rich and flavorful but very strong,
semi-soft cow and goat milk blue

made in Spain’s remote Valdeón Valley

in the northern region of Asturias.

Valdeón is wrapped in Sycamore leaves,

giving it a distinctive appearance.

I must admit this is my blue of choice.

I love it with a little unsalted, French butter

and honey from New Zealand.

Having been to one cheese shrine in my life, my beloved Cheese Tavern in Monroe, WI, I think I owe to myself to drive the 45 minutes and visit the cheese lady.


Fenian’s Irish Pub

Whether you know the difference between a hooley and shillaley, there runs a wee bit of Irish in everyone. Or so I am told. This little pub in Conklin, MI has been the home of Irish music and shenanigans for many years. As an absolute lover of Celtic music and an admirer of Guinness, this is one place I have always wanted to visit.


Yoga – Armenta Studios

I’ve threatened myself with Yoga lessons for twenty years, but never followed up. I’ve got this perception that Yoga and carnivores aren’t really compatible. I know that is highly unenlightened. However, the Laura Armenta experience, in Grand Rapids, MI comes with high praise. Might as well. You only live once.



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