Meet the Craic Correspondents

Here are the short bios of the current craic correspondents who are looking for great conversations about people, places, businesses and ideas in west Michigan. If you have anything to share, help yourself!

New Craic Correspondent!!! djw is a freelance writer who lives and works in Grand Rapids. She writes
for a weekly online magazine whose mission is to tell the growth narrative
of Grand Rapids and West Michigan. She admits to being a sucker for
intriguing architecture, local history and stories about the interesting
characters who shape West Michigan.

New Craic Correspondent!! Katie is a Hospitality and Tourism Management Major at Grand Valley with a passion for entrepreneurship. She is from the east side of the state, but has grown to love Grand Rapids after starting school here. Exploring all the great things Grand Rapids has to offer has become one of her new hobbies!

Craic distributor Valerie is a General Business and Entrepreneurship
major at Grand Valley State University. She also has her degree in
Pastry Arts from Johnson and Wales University. Currently she is
eating her way across Grand Rapids, getting to know the food and
“liquid” of downtown. Got a restaurant you want her to review? Leave
it as a comment on one of the posts!

JR is a father, husband, blogger, championship barbecuer, teacher, entrepreneur, music-reviewer, raconteur and lifelong resident of west Michigan. Food, friends, sports, music, marketing, and mensches are all of interest.

Brittanee is a senior at Grand Valley State University. After graduation in April 2009, she will have a Bachelors of Science in Photographer and a minor Entrepreneurship. Her photography experience includes: 5 years developing photography (including: black and white darkroom, studio, wedding, color darkroom, 5×4 camera and digital); employment at Sadies Photography Studio; internship at Dodson Photography. She will exhibit her thesis show at the GVSU Performing Arts Center Gallery April 14-25, 2009. Currently in the making, she will begin to advertise at Dodson Photography to become a photographer for portrait and commercial photography. Her experience in Entrepreneurship includes: C.E.O. member, C.E.O. National Conference 2008, Next Top Entrepreneur Top 10 2008.

Mjontarget is a Corporate fitness/wellness and Entrepreneurship
major at Grand Valley State University. He has a family history of being very involved with nutrition an exercise. When MJ isn’t exercising or cooking, you can find him golfing for Grand Valley State University in his final year of school. If you have an exercise or food that you want MJ to review let him know.

Check out his dad’s website

Jacie is a senior student at Grand Valley State University. She will be graduating in April with a B.S. in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Business Management and Innovation and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Jacie currently works three part time jobs, which are a nanny, babysitter at Gateway Church, and  a secretary at ABC Warehouse. Jacie plans to continue her education and get a culinary degree, and eventually open her own restaurant


5 responses to “Meet the Craic Correspondents

  1. Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Interesting site, looking forward to reading more.

    Any chance of adding an RSS feed?

    Keep up the good work,


  2. JR

    Be happy to add a blog link…is that the same thing?////

  3. I love your site and I just just read this; “One of the objectives of Craic on the Grand is to recognize the cool neighborhood businesses and individuals that are trying to create little oasises of character.”

    I have something you may be interested in sharing with the GR community. We are GRWW – Grand Rapids Whitewater and we are partnering with our city to advocate the return of rapids to the Grand River, downtown. For more info, please see our site or email Chip. We are also on Facebook. Thanks for looking.

  4. JR re adding RSS – In admin, look under ‘Appearance’ on the left side of your screen. Click on ‘Widgets’ and add ‘RSS.’ This will add the little orange RSS ‘chiclet’ to your sidebar. Regular readers will appreciate being able to access your blog feed. 🙂

  5. JR

    Thanks – will do.

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