4th of July Primer- Part I

This update will focus on the big three: recipes, grills and meats.

You can trust me on these. 

For interesting recipes and ideas:   Bon Appetit mis amigos! (no hablo frances…)  Pretty much a slam-dunk.   Very good, searchable archive of recipes.  I've used many.

Looking to buy a new grill? In my book , two safe choices:

Where to get them?  For Weber, in Grand Rapids, MI, I would recommend either Rylee's Hardware or Kingsland Hardware.    (please, tell Sandy at Kingsland, to get a website…..)

For The Big Green EggHerman's Boy in Rockford, MI.  Tell them JR, Rockford's original "outdoor cook" sent you!

Why?  Quality, value and performance.   I have cooked on Weber and The Big Green Egg.  Best of show.  

How about local meat and produce.  (Although focused on west Michigan for now, Certified Grilladelic recommendations are welcome from any hamlet in the world.  Just send me some information, reasons why this store is "Certified Grilladelic" and we will make sure the word gets out.)

So here we go: (in no particular order)

Kingmas on Plainfield.  My go-to store.  Top sirloin, sausages, smoked porkchops, boneless turkey breasts and their sausages are outstanding

Van Balls on Plainfield.  Old school.  Cash or check only.  Usually have skirt and flat iron steaks in the cooler.

Storeys in Cedar.  Friend Aaron Kamphuis recommends.  Good enough for me.  

Sobies Meat in Walker.  Damn the Smokin' Scotsmen! (They are a tough team to beat on the KCBS circuit)   Nice meat market and the owner is the saxophonist in Mid Life Crisis.

Big Top  Friend Bruce Benson just recommended this place to me.  Bruce is a grilling protege of Aarons.

Montellos in Holland Previously reviewed by Grilladelic.  

Birds Farm Meats- Howard City  Another Kamphuis recommendation.  Almost mythical reputation.

Poindexters in Rockford New kid on the block.  Sources some meat from Snake River Farms is what I was told.  Talking Waygu.

The Grist Mill in Cannonsburg  Don and Gordie.  One of the few places with authentic tri-tip in the cooler.

Besides great quality and selection, these establishments also offer a good selection of other essentials.    Primer II will focus on accessories, sauces, marinades and rubs.

Sum Ergo Barbecuemos!

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