A Memorable Day with a Grill

It was a major throwdown on Memorial Day! Amidst a backdrop of a stunning view of the Kalamazoo River in Allegan and distant booms of thunder and lightening, my nephew, Scot, put together a grilladelic spread; colorful, imaginative and tasty.  

The ingredients were simple:

A Weber kettle, lump charcoal, olive oil, salt & pepper, burgers, hot dogs and the star of the show-  fresh vegetables; (red and green peppers, poblanos, jalapenos, corn, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes and asparagus).

The end result was spectacular.

If you haven't tried veggies on the grill yet, give it a shot!  I like a medium to medium-hot grill. Have both direct and indirect heat available.  Then it is just "grill baby grill!"  Make sure you get some char, especially on the peppers and corn…it really brings out the sweetness.  The serendipity of this menu is leftovers: soups and fire roasted salsas are a breeze. 

Certified Grilladelic

Posted via email from johnrumery’s in search of the secret sauce


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