Broke out the chicken last night.  Six legs, six thighs and 18 wings.  Simple stuff.

Chose your weapon; dry season or marinade.  I used Penzey's BBQ of America's on the thighs/legs and Uncle Dougie's Wing Marinade for the wings.

Indirect heat, with a healthy safe zone (no heat)

I sear the chicken for the first 15-20 minutes.  Turning very frequently.  Do not flinch from duty.  I went inside the house for 45 seconds and a few pieces were charred upon return.  My bad.  

After I crisp up the chicken, I "pile up" in the safe zone, close the grill top and relax for 45 minutes.  Thighs, legs and wings are very forgiving.  You won't dry them out.

(Full disclosure: for the thighs/wings, I also placed them in a foil pan and added  Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce)  

No worries about burning, this is away from the heat.

After a total of about an hour, I begin selectively grilling pieces of the chicken again. Primping and crisping. Needs to look good.  I paint on a little BBQ sauce too at this point- like an artist. Back to being on-point also…no monkeying around.

All in all, about 90 minutes of cooking time.  

The chicken was tasty and this information is Certified Grilladelic. 

Posted via email from johnrumery’s in search of the secret sauce


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