Tales From the Grill

A fellow BBQ enthusiast sent me these tasty pictures and comments last night.  BBQ in Michigan is becoming epic.

Hey John,

Attached are a few photos of the pulled pork!  As always. only cell phone quality….  I really need to step up the game on the photo front…

3.5 lb boston butt, creswick farms  (Seasoned with Butt Rub and Cumin)
2.5 hours total cook time. First, both sides were cooked over direct heat for 3 minutes per side. Next, meat transferred to side of grill opposite the banked charcoal. Cooked indirect low for 1 hour, rotating at 30 minutes. Next, the pork was wrapped in foil and then placed back on grill for another 1.5 hours, rotating every 30 min. At this point, I added more charcoal.

Pulled at 2.5 hours of total cook time. Internal temp of 180 degrees. Let sit for 20 min, then pulled apart with forks.  

My roommate Craig made 2 homemade sauces… more details on those to follow.

Thinking about doing some Spare Ribs from Creswick tomorrow…. Would you suggest the Lazzari lump for ribs too?


Posted via email from johnrumery’s in search of the secret sauce


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