Tales from Winter Coals and a Summer Throwdown.

Here is a turkey recipe from a grilladelic friend,  vanilla entrepreneur.  and serial griller; Mr. Brent Reame.   The book he references is outstanding too.  In fact, if someone is looking to learn more about grilling, Weber has a terrific series of cookbooks.  Highly recommended. 

Brent and his twin brother Brandon are both avid barbecuers who apparently have not fallen to far from the tree! After posting these photos on his Facebook page I made a few comments about the benefits of winter grilling. Next thing I know his mother is challenging me to a rib cookoff in the summer!  That’s a throwdown in my book!   

Anyone else want a piece of this action!

Folks…don’t let a little snow keep you from the joys of cooking over an open fire!

Thanks for sharing Brent!

Hi John,

For this I pretty much followed a recipe within Weber’s Real Grilling cookbook.

  • Set bird on kitchen counter for 4 hours before gilling to bring up to temp
  • mixed together: zest of 2 oranges, 12 cloves organic garlic (chopped finely), full handfull of homegrown dried parsley, chili powder, pepper, and 1 stick melted butter. This combination had an incredible aroma. I stuffed 2/3 of the concoction under the skin on top of the breasts. Remaining third was used around exterior of bird. 
  • Stuffed bird with remaining 2 oranges (quartered)
  • Placed bird in roasting rack, breast side up, within roasting pan. Added about 4 cups chicken stock and 1/2 an onion (chopped) to bottom of the roasting pan.
  • Banked charcoal on opposite sides of grill for indirect medium heat. Placed roasting pan with turkey in center of grill. Cooked covered for 1 hour before checking. At 1 hour mark, I started more charcoal and added it at approx. 1.5 hours in. Also added 2 pieces hickory (soaked for several hours). 
  • At 2 hours tented the turkey with foil to prevent breasts from becoming too brown. Checked again at 3 hours, temp was 145 in breast. Pulled turkey after 3.5 hours cook time and breast temp of 155. Foiled and allowed 20 minutes to rest. 

Overall: Amazing flavor. The orange zest really came through in the breast meat. The fairly light smoke of the hickory paired very well with the orange as well. Breast meat was slightly dry, however dark meat was done to perfection. I probably could have pulled 15-20 minutes earlier. 

Your right, nothing beats cooking with a Weber while it is snowing!

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