Grand Rapids Barbecue? Fact or Fiction

As I begin mapping out my 2010 Grilladelic Resolutions, first on the list is to review the local barbecue joints in Grand Rapids.  Even before I begin this pilgrimage, I have two impressions: 

1. These cats need some serious help with their online marketing
2. The Grand Rapids barbecue scene is wide open.

Here is how I came to those conclusions. 

In the year 2010, where is the first place someone would begin their search for "barbecue in Grand Rapids"
Correct. Google it.  Or Bing it.  Or just search on-line. 

The attached screen shots show the online results.  Only one real local "Q" establishment (Sandmanns). Several "chains", but PLEASE don't insult authentic barbecue with a BW3. Please.  There was no real *funk to speak of.  In fact, I know of at least three local locations that did not make the initial search;

So where to begin.  Probably Sandmanns this week, but after that???  Any ideas?

* By the way, this is BBQ funk

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2 responses to “Grand Rapids Barbecue? Fact or Fiction

  1. SW Michigan Dining

    as someone who thinks they really know their BBQ (and planned a honeymoon around it), I’m ashamed to admit that I not only ate at Smokey Bones, but enjoyed it…..if you think GR is bad when it comes to BBQ joints, you should see Lansing….the only way I could get a BBQ fix was to go to a chain and I died a little inside each time I did so….

  2. I fully support your venture. As the grill master for Jimmy’s Ribs I must first admit that what we do is not technically barbecue. It is grilling. Old fashioned homemade stick to your ribs grilling. I have made it my mission this year to try and represent classic American Regions of Barbecue Greatness. Come down and try some Ribs with Kentucky Bourbon Sauce or the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. I’d love your input.

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