Twitter, #Meatcamp and The Secret Sauce

I participated in my second Twitter conference last night; #Meatcamp.  The folks contributing had diverse backgrounds; ranchers, chefs, researchers (Department of Agriculture), and multiple "foodies".   It was cool.  A lot of information and different perspectives.  You can search Twitter using the hash tag #meatcamp but here are a few of the things I learned. (these are selected tweets I copied from the session)

Lesson #1: On the importance of the butcher:

meatcamp Exactly, @smfierro the butcher (and trucker/slaughter folks) have huge impact on flavor. Aging & cutting technique are art forms #meatcamp

Artisan butcher = experience in slaughter but can determine how to age, hang, break carcass & trim for yield, appearance & texture #meatcamp

iTweetMeat @AdrianaV Meatcutter is meatcutter. Butcher is stockman + slaughterman + meatcutter, thus in tune to whole process. #meatcamp

meatcamp Most butchers (meatcutters) these days receive boxes of "primals" e.g. whole NY Strip Loin & just cut into steaks. #meatcamp

My take away:  Good butchers are hard to find.  Really good butchers are even harder to find. 

Lesson #2There is a lot of art to the meat sciences

meatcamp Meat flavor/texture just like wine: influenced by breed (grape variety), specific genetics (rootstock), region, husbandry… aging #meatcamp

iTweetMeat RT @Pleasanthouse: Commodity beef kind of like bud/miller of beef world. Consistent flavor/texture. #meatcamp

Grass_Fed_Beef_ RT@:@iTweetMeatAlmost all beef tastes like beef,like wine tastes like wine. But diff'ce from farm2farm as great as w/wine#meatcamp #meatcamp

My take away: Finding a great steak for the grill has become much more interesting.

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