Certified Grilladelic Post Thanksgiving Turkey

After a weekend of going to other places for a turkey dinner, I devoted Sunday for my Thanksgiving turkey.

I started with a four pound boneless fresh turkey breast I purchased at Kingma's.  To some extent this is the ideal turkey product for the grill.  Virtually no waste, great leftovers and it takes well to a brine.

The brine I was used:

  • 1 C Kosher Salt
  • 1 C Brown Sugar
  • 1 T Ginger
  • 3 Qt. of Apple Cider
  • 1 + QT of water.
  • Ice added to keep cold.

I brined the breast in a cooler for almost 36 hours.

I then created a nice little charcoal oven in my Weber kettle.  Indirect heat.  I used a drip pan in the bottom of the grill.  It helps keep the coals contained on the sides and makes cleaning up easier.  Of course I used Lazzari lump (my favorite natural charcoal).

I added 3 large fistfuls of soaked pecan chips to the hot coals, to create a heavy smudge.  In all, the breast was on the grill for about two-hours.  I pulled it when the internal temperature hit 165 degrees.  (I think too many people over cook the turkey by waiting to pull the bird at 180 degrees. It's cooked, moist and safe at 165 degrees.  Plus it continues to cook when it is resting)

When you look at the pictures you can see the foil pan/indirect coals.  You can also see the chips on top of the coals and the beginning of the heavy smoke.  All meats cooked on the grill do get a "burnt" look, but don't worry, it does not taste charred at all.  (I did end up foiling the breast for the last thirty minutes)

If you look carefully, you can the faint, pink "smoke ring" on the edges of the turkey slices. That is good.  This bird was extra-moist and very flavorful.  In other words, it was certified Grilladelic.

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