Took the family to Malarkys last night.  Looking for a friday night pizza, adult beverage, sports (MLB) on TV, in a family-friendly environment.   I should of known better.

Deep dish pizza should be renamed shallow dish pizza.  I think any restaurant the advertises deep dish pizza should be required to have some type of certification.  How hard can it be to make a a pizza like Chicago’s Giordano’s?

Boneless buffalo chicken wings were like deep fried dough nuggets.

Draft beer selection came from one distributor.  No local micro-brews, just the usual suspects.

There is something about the restaurants that locate on East Beltline.  I think they all must source their food from a central kitchen.  Average food, average experience, average ambience, average service, average price.  I should of known better.

My advice for a good family-style sports bar/restaurant?  This is the place.


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