T.Way – McGurk Award Winner

The McGurk Awards were invented to recognize individuals who have an unusually strong vision and are able to see things the way they will be, not as they are today.

The first recipient was Brian Rider of Digital Wingman, who started his business while in his dorm room.  The next recipient is another student who started in a dorm room, but instead of looking into a computer screen, he was staring at a pair of Air Force 1’s

The 2nd McGurk Award goes to Tyler Way (T.Way); sneaker artist, designer, entrepreneur, blogger.


The best way to understand the T.Way story is to check out his website, subscribe to his blog and follow him on Twitter. This young man is talented and driven.


I have had the opportunity to get to know Tyler inside and outside of the classroom at GVSU, and here’s a few of my observations:

1. Passion, action and street smarts..  When you sit down with Tyler and listen to his story, what is most striking is not only how it all began but the journey. Working his way into the Detroit Pistons locker room, schmoozing with the security guards, introducing himself (cold calling!) to Chauncey, Tayshaun, Rip, Worldwide Wes and eventually LeBron; all through determination and persistence.  All the talent in the world is worthless without some personal drive!

2. Constant and never ending improvement. Over the last two years, besides progressing through the Entrepreneurship program at GVSU, Tyler has competed in several programs, beginning with  the GVSU Idea Pitch Competition and following up with GVSU Business Plan Competition and the Lakeshore Advantage’s Top Entrepreneur Competition.  In every instance, Tyler’s pitch and business plan get’s better and better.  Although he follows his instinct, he is a good listener, asks questions and takes in the feedback. He is always refining, improving, working on his business.

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3. Be a mensch. All McGurk winners need to be a Guy Kawasaki mensch. Tyler is very generous with his time, especially when it comes to sharing his story with his peers and other young entrepreneurs.  He has taken the time out of his busy schedule to speak to several of my classes about his journey.

There is much more, but as mentioned earlier, just check out his website and get connected!

Tyler Way and T.Way Customs.  The 2nd McGurk Award Winner.



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