50 Things TO DO Before You Turn 50 in West Michigan

  1. Attend a real memorable, intimate  concert
  2. Attend a real memorable big concert
  3. Throw a really cool party
  4. Buy a new grill
  5. Canoe the mighty Kalamazoo
  6. Enter the Hot Dog Hall of Fame
  7. Conquer the Fifth-Third Burger
  8. Get the band back together
  9. Volunteer
  10. Become the next Wolfman
  11. Sing
  12. Go perch fishing
  13. Become a citizen journalist
  14. Make a film
  15. Spend the day in Milwaukee
  16. Be catered to
  17. Smoke a stogie
  18. Learn to cook
  19. Start a business
  20. Record a CD
  21. Turkey hunting with Rod Benson
  22. Learn to play the guitar
  23. Become a home brewer
  24. Fly fish with Glen
  25. Run a long ways
  26. Do something good
  27. Buy a new bike
  28. Learn something new about coffee
  29. Hobnob at a film festival
  30. Birdwatching for raptors
  31. Get a dog
  32. Throw a really big party
  33. Catch some rays
  34. Ride your bike a long way
  35. Watch a sunset
  36. Write a book
  37. Golf, golf, and more golf
  38. Become a master gardener
  39. Chill
  40. Make the world a better place
  41. Barbecue with the best
  42. Buy some beef
  43. Go on a Mission
  44. Go to a favorite restaurant
  45. Las Vegas junket
  46. Chicago junket
  47. Detroit Tiger junket
  48. Begin training
  49. Do something cheesy
  50. Find a steal


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