The Most Energy Efficient Laptop



MacBook 13-Inch Aluminum

The new 13-inch MacBook is the most all-inclusive computer. It features a uni-body enclosure, an extremely innovative keyboard and mouse pad, and a thin, light, and sleek appearance. On top of all this it is energy star certified. Apple makes both the hardware and the software for this MacBook so all aspects of design and technology work together to make it run more efficiently. The LED back-lit display uses 30% less power than other typical LCD displays. This laptop also made of arsenic-free glass, is brominated flame retardant free, mercury free, and PVC free. There is 41% less packaging than other macs and laptop computers. Finally, the aluminum and glass used are highly recyclable.


Elegant and strong unibody aluminum construction makes the Mac Book feel as tough as many higher-priced business notebooks while delivering consumer-friendly features.

 -Sharp and bright 13-inch LED backlit display delivers a brilliant picture when watching streaming video, editing photos, and viewing Web pages. Edge-to-edge look is seamless and sleek, and the glare isn’t that bad if you pump up the brightness.

 -All-glass touchpad is miles better than any other on the market, and the push-to-click functionality works so well you don’t miss having dedicated touchpad buttons. In fact, you immediately miss this feature the second you start using other notebooks without it. Plus, the four-finger gestures work well when you want to see all open windows at once.

-Having easy access to the back cover for replacing battery and/or removing hard drive is huge. Yes, you can do it easily on other Macs, but not on the Mac Book Air.

-Fast Nvidia 9400M graphics gives the MacBook plenty of visual muscle, although we’ve yet to confirm if it’s 5X faster than Intel’s integrated graphics. We had no problems streaming a high-definition episode of Fringe from at full screen. And Google Earth was very smooth when doing fly-overs from the East to West coast. We’ll be doing some gaming tests soon.

-Overall performance was quite snappy, and we ran Geekbench to confirm our early impressions. The MacBook notched a score of 3512 with its 2.4-GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM. That’s lower than the 3578 an older MacBook Black turned in with the same clock speed and RAM in our office, but we certainly didn’t notice any slowdowns when multitasking.


 -No memory card reader. We understand that Apple makes a conscious effort to leave features out that end users aren’t necessarily asking for, but I think a card reader would be really convenient for transferring photos–especially on the go. You don’t have to bother bringing your USB cable or deal with a USB reader.

 -Lacks mobile broadband. We wish this feature were at least an option. One Apple rep told me that consumers can easily plug a modem card in, but with Qualcomm’s Gobi technology available, notebook vendors can offer EV-DO and HSDPA connectivity on the same machine with a single software-based radio. You can choose your carrier. 

-Mini DisplayPort not as popluar as HDMI. This mini port makes connecting to an external display easy, but HDMI is far and away the more popular type of connection right now for TVs and even large LCD monitors. However, DisplayPort supports higher resolutions when outputting the video signal to larger monitors, and you can always purchase an HDMI adapter.

-Could use more USB ports. Two isn’t terrible, but we would like to see another port on the right side for supporting more peripherals simultaneously, and the two USB ports that are on board are too close together. (You might not be able to have to gadgets plugged in at the same time, depending on their size.)



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2 responses to “The Most Energy Efficient Laptop

  1. stu

    So what is the power consumption in watts. Everytime I read that a TV or laptop etc has really low power consumption I end up reading an artical that waffles on about all it’s features but never gives a watts figure for the power consumption. This is an issue that will become more important then speed etc in future….think not? Mark my words

  2. Fargin Bastiges

    I agree with Stu. You titled this article “The Most Energy Efficient Laptop” and then fill it with features cut and pasted from the Apple website but give no hard data whatsoever to back up your claim of power efficiency. Where is the comparative data from other laptops to prove your point? Are you just trying to gets points from the Apple Store?

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