Craic Up the Volume!!!

Craic on the Grand strives to create conversations around crazy, deranged fools, passionate people and craftsmen and women.  What a treat when Michael Van Houten shipped me his “labor of a love”.  A CD five years in the making featuring friends from high school, who went their separate ways only to be connected again over their love for making music- and with a little help from technology.

The back story on the CD can be read on East Grand Rapids own Theo Bremer-Bennetts website.

The music however needs to heard.


On Theo’s website, he credits fairly diverse musical influences.  When I first listened,  several tracks, especially #2 Trees in Israel,  immediately reminded me of The Jayhawks.   Not quite entirely country, pop, rock or folk, but a blend of all four genres.  Track #4, Little Girl Crying, had a Motown feel to it… Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Track#8 Hidden Light Safety took me across the lake (and through time) to Strawberry Alarm Clock!

I think what held my attention and connected me with the entire CD was the craftsmanship.  Not just the technical production, but the appreciation and authentic feel of a work of art created by talented artists.  There is a lot to be said for impromptu and spontaneous jam sessions among musicians who are “just passing through”, but nothing beats the music created by life-long friends working on a labor of love.   Check it out- A Pigeon in the Wilderness by Theo Bremer-Bennett.


The artist that figures predominantly in this story – music , production and inspiration- is Grand Rapids own Michael Van Houten, currently of the band Creolization.


Michael was kind enough to send me an advanced a copy of this CD.  He has been a friend of Theo Bremer-Bennett from his high school and college days, when both of them played in a variety of local and regional bands.

Music- another reason to give thanks and enjoy all our blessings!


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  1. vallien

    That post title is so awesome! I laughed out loud!

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