The Tao of the Olive Burger

A recent discussion on the LinkedUp Grand Rapids group on LinkedIn, centered on the subject of where is the best olive burger in the area.  Not cheeseburger, hamburger, bacon-mushroom burger, veggie burger, the OLIVE BURGER.

Why this is an important topic is better left for philosophers  and academics to debate.  What is important is to understand the passion that a good olive burger can inspire- almost like a work of art.

Reviewing the dozens of responses to the question, it was no surprise that the Mr. Fabulous Burger at the late, great Mr. Fables was the gold standard. Slippery, slidy and a bit slimy with mayo, burger juices and olives dripping and spilling all over the place…those were legendary burgers.

But we don’t live or eat in the past.  So where do the best olive burgers exist today?  Here are the unofficial results:

Top Three

Googs in Holland

Never heard of this Holland establishment, but several olive burger enthusiasts claimed this is the heir apparent to Mr. Fables.


Mr. Burger

Probably the closest in spirit to Mr. Fables.  Unpretentious fast food.


Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill

The biggest surprise to me.  Never heard of the joint.  It certainly isn’t much to look at from the outside.  But perhaps that is it’s charm.  An olive burger is a bit homely too.  Two peas in a pod.


Knocking on the Door- The following received at least two  votes.

Choo Choo Grill- Grand Rapids

Landmark, shoebox size restaurant. Famous for their malteds too.


Marilyn’s Malts and More- Ada

Another surprise.  Tucked away in a strip mall just west of Amway’s World Headquarters, this throwback is old-school.


The Best of the Rest

  • Birch Lodge
  • Cambridge House
  • Filling Station- Comstock Park

Long live the olive burger.


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