Offering Out-of-the-Universe Meals!

Where Lake Drive, Cherry and Diamond all intersect, a unique fresh restaurant resides called Marie Catrib’s. From the words of Marie herself, she describes her theory on running her business. “Quality, sustainability, and creativity are the driving forces behind our East Hills neighborhood restaurant and delicatessen. We invite you to enjoy our eclectic menu served in a warm, inviting atmosphere with a friendly, efficient staff that has become an extension of our family. We take pride in offering locally grown food from people who make it their goal to care for the land. We strive to cultivate the excitement that we feel from a carton of heirloom eggs or crisp lettuce from a nearby farm with each and every guest who sits down to enjoy fresh Michigan food. As always, great food for great people.” – Your friends, Marie and Fouad Catrib.

Her description only begins to explain how the restaurant environment portrays her goal for a fresh unique genre of not only her menu but also the ambiance. When first walking into Marie Catrib’s the staff greeted me happily and after finding out that I had never been there he gladly explained how they operated. The laid back atmosphere had the kitchen in view for customers to witness how their food is prepared. Also, in view was a window cooler displaying all of their salads/sides, which ranged from spaghetti salad to curried rice. The restaurant also offers sandwiches, omelets, breakfast “favorites” and homemade desserts. Marie Catrib’s supports the gluten-free and vegan clientele. The “Next Door” section of the building resides in a room adjacent to the dining room. The setting offers To-Go selections of the menu, desserts and fresh baked goods from breads to cakes.

So if you want to try a unique “fresh” meal I highly recommend experiencing Marie Catrib’s. I suggest the Spinach Caesar Salad; it puts a new twist on a traditional Caesar Salad with delicious homemade Caesar dressing and croutons! For more information please visit their website at:


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