10 Worst Foods in Your Kitchen

Don’t get caught eating any of this, the ingredients in these foods wouldn’t be fed to a farm animal. Because of some questioning of the top ten, I have explained the reason I put these foods on the list. When it comes down to it, all of these foods are meant to last for a long time to allow them to stay on the shelf, in the long run saving and making the producers a lot of money. For 95 % of the time something that has  a ton of ingredients in it usually isn’t good for you. For example look at Doritos’s # 8 it has a million ingredients, compared to a healthier chip that tastes pretty similar( Garden of Eden)which has like 10. Also 7 out of 10 have trans fat in them.

10. Totino’s Pizza Rolls

– These are my roommates favorite, he can eat 40-60 at a time, the problem is that there is 220 calories in 6 rolls and has trans fat, not to mention they have so many ingredients I couldn’t count, at least 60.

9. White Wonder Bread

-Oh the old white bread everyone’s favorite, well I’ve researched Wonder bread’s White bread many time, unfortunately I don’t have a loaf in front of me because I would never buy it. When I went to the site they didn’t list the white bread ingredients, they listed the Wheat, and the Kid’s bread, but not the white loaf, that makes me wonder. But I know this, they strip all the nutrients of the grain to make it the softest bread ever, this means instead of having a healthy sandwich you are just having processed carbs that convert straight to sugar when you eat it and then stores as fat.

8. Doritos Cooler Ranch

-31 ingredients, trans fat in the ingredients, MSG, and who knows what else I can’t spell or pronounce them.

7. Stouffers Chicken Pot Pie

-660 calories, 37 grams of fat and has trans fat

6. Progresso Rich and Hardy Soup

-Has MSG and processed refined oils that are harmful to the body.

5. Betty Crocker Warm Delight

-2 grams of trans fat and 340 calories

4. Velveeta Cheese

-Who knows what this is made of, cheese isn’t meant to be liquid until it’s cooked or melted.

3. Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

– 7 grams of trans fat per bag, what else do I have to say. This should be illegal.

2. Oreo Cookies

-Has the most artificial preservatives of any food, is made buy a cigarette company (Philip Morris) that has been know to get people addicted on their product, and has about 140 of unhealthy calories in 2 cookies.

1. Jiff Peanut Butter

-They use tricky labeling (no trans fat) to tell the customer that they don’t have trans fat, but anything that has partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil is a trans fat, and Jiff has it in their peanut butter. My dad has used the same Jiff peanut butter in his nutrition seminars for 12 years and it still has the knife marks from 12 years ago. If it doesn’t change shape in a box for 12 years, what do you think it does in your body.



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4 responses to “10 Worst Foods in Your Kitchen

  1. vallien

    Why are these bad for me? Most of them don’t seem that bad.

  2. vallien

    Thats crazy!! Thanks!

  3. mjontarget

    It is crazy, they try and trick you.

  4. First you say Frappuccino causes death now you are really hitting home.
    You really know how to hurt a guy!

    What do you do for ‘comfort food?’

    Or do you have transcended that as well?

    If so I figured it out, you’re an Alien?


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